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If you live in London Ontario, you are invited to join our online community!

Every Friday morning you will receive an inspiring email with:

  • A monthly event for our members + events happening around town
  • A monthly community volunteer opportunity for our members + ways to help out different local organizations
  • A monthly health challenge with prizes to be won
  • A weekly quote and/or video for added health inspiration
  • A weekly healthy recipe with pictures created by Chef Shauna

*Your membership is good for you AND your family!

*Some members enjoy the weekly emails with all things local London, health inspiration and recipes. Some members also participate in our organized events. You are welcome to participate in anything you would like through the year or just follow along with the emails and private Facebook group.

  • want to be more involved in our community?
  • want to try new activities or keep updated on events around town?
  • need motivation to stay active or eat healthy?
  • want to receive healthy recipes with chef tips?

Shauna & Dan with Teddy
Owners of The Live Well Co.

Some of our Live Well Members
volunteering at Ronald McDonald House

  • We organize at least one community volunteer opportunity per month that you are welcome to participate in if you would like!
  • Some examples include:
    • Making dinner for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House or at different homeless shelters
    • Planting trees around our city
    • Making up food packages for people in need at the Food Bank

*We also include opportunities from local organizations that are looking for volunteers in our Friday emails and private members Facebook group

*As well, we welcome our members to post if they need a hand with anything from things around the house to local business recommendations, etc!

  • We organize at least one fun activity or event per month that you are welcome to participate in if you would like!
  • Some examples include:
    • We put teams in for all kinds of charity events around the city (runs, dragon boat races, “warrior type” challenges, etc.)
    • We organize private group lessons for things like stand-up paddle boarding, velodrome biking, pottery making, and curling.
    • Plus, we participate in all kinds of events that are just more fun with a group of people, such as rock climbing, tree top climbing, tubing and roller-skating.

*We also include events happening around the city that we think our members might be interested in in our Friday emails and private Facebook group.

*As well, we welcome members to post about any upcoming events or fun things to do around town that they know of.

  • Each month we have a different online “wellness challenge” or health inspiration day that you are welcome to participate in!
  • They are designed to inspire you to try new things or think about different health aspects of your life.
  • Our challenges run through our Friday emails and always have a prize to be won based on success or participation. Having the challenges online is great for our out of town members to participate in as well.
  • Some examples include:
    • “3K a day walking/running challenge”
    • “Nutrition Month Challenge”
    • “No Junk June Challenge”

  • In your Friday email you will receive a healthy recipe that Chef Shauna has created.
  • Each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions, a picture, and chef tips for you to follow.
  • We encourage you to save them and/or print them off.
  • You can then build your own custom healthy cookbook of recipes you enjoy!
  • If you have any questions about the recipes, the members Facebook group is a great place to seek out answers. Shauna is quick to reply to any questions or comments you may have.
  • A variety of recipes will be provided -healthy breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners AND desserts too!

Network & Meet New People

Members are encouraged to share their business, events, or even post online if they need a hand with something.

Members only Facebook Group

A private, members only Facebook group where all things local London & health related are discussed and posted.

Continuous Inspiration

When you surround yourself in a community of all things health, nutrition, and fitness related, it’s hard not to have continuous motivation throughout the year.


Access to your very own professional chef anytime you have questions about a recipe.

Annual Awards Ceremony

We have lots to celebrate each year and there are 5 exceptional awards that members can receive based on their participation and/or empowerment of others.

Like-Minded People

Continuous motivation and inspiration from the other members as well as from Shauna and Dan.

When you sign up to become a ‘Live Well Member’, you will automatically be added to the Friday email list. You’ll also be invited to join the private Facebook group. Membership is FREE for 90 days. Try it risk-free today!

**Membership is good for your entire family to join in. (Spouse and/or Children)


“The community involvement is another amazing opportunity for growth as a family and to bring our children up realizing the value of giving back! I honestly can’t think of a better group to join!”

Tracey E-S.

“I don’t live in London but I follow along with all of the recipes and articles. I am continuously motivated to make healthy meals and snacks and that is priceless to me”

Sherry S.

“Shauna motivates me to try new things and I enjoy her challenges. I thank her for all she has done for me and our community, I am proud to be a part of The Live Well Community”

Margie D.

“Being a part of The Live Well Community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Through Shauna’s dedication we are empowered to achieve balanced, healthy lifestyles”

Debbie G.

YES! We have members in all stages of life! Try it for free before you commit to it.

That’s the uniqueness of our wellness community…there is a lot going on so that we ensure we have something for everyone!
Some members just participate in the community work or events, some just enjoy the recipes, or enjoy the online challenges, some participate in it all! Your membership whatever you make it and is only $19.99 a month for unlimited motivation and inspiration.

Most of our community work & events are in London Ontario, however we do have members from across Canada (and one in Australia), who participate in our challenges (which are all online), and enjoy the recipes and heath inspiration.

You can choose to participate in whatever you would like! Yes, we encourage you to bring your family to events and community volunteering. Your $19.99/month membership is good for your entire family (spouse and/or children). Once you join, you can send us an email with their emails to add to our weekly email list. You can also add them to our private facebook group as well.

No, many of our members don’t have or use Facebook. It’s just an added communication tool that we use.
All of the information about events, community volunteering, the challenges, health inspiration, and recipes as well as sign-ups for things is in your Friday emails.

Shauna started it all on May 1st 2009. We have evolved and transformed from a “fitness/bootcamp” style company to a complete “wellness community” since then. We still, to this day, have over 15 families that started in the very beginning and continue to be valued members.
New members join in through the year and we welcome new members with open arms! The more the merrier in the Live Well Community! As you get used to the community and get a better understanding of everything that we offer we know you’ll feel more comfortable with joining or trying the different activities or challenges.

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly with an answer.

Begin a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle today!


No Obligation

Cancel at Anytime

30 Day Free Trial

Get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.