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Shauna went to culinary school for culinary skills and culinary management, completing her culinary apprenticeship at the London Hunt and Country Club. Prior to that, she went to university for Food Science, Nutrition, and Psychology. Even before graduating high school, her first job was at a “ma and pa restaurant” when she was 13 years old. Since then, she has worked in almost every kitchen environment, from foodservice kitchens, wedding and banquet kitchens, casual and fine dining to teaching cooking classes since 2007. Credibility and experience are essential to Shauna, especially if she is teaching others.

We strongly encourage you to surround yourself with healthy food and recipes on your social media and to continue “googling” recipes. Chef Shauna gains her inspiration for recipes by seeing what’s trending and how the culinary world is evolving. Food photographers, recipe developers, food stylists, content creators, holistic nutritionists and dietitians are very inspirational. Shauna’s goal of the Live Well Foodie Community is to use her culinary education and experience to help you dive a little deeper into your home cooking experience. She aims to provide easy to follow recipes that teach culinary fundamentals and taste delicious. Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast recipe or something different for dinner, all of Shauna’s recipes are tried, tested and true. The Live Well Foodie Community will hopefully quickly become one of your trusted recipe sources. And an added bonus is that if you ever have any questions about a recipe while you’re making it, you have a professional chef at your fingertips!

Whole food. Nothing processed. Chef Shauna’s background is culinary AND nutrition. She likes to teach recipes that are “jam-packed” with nutrients and fresh flavours. She believes that if you learn how to be more efficient in your kitchen, you will enjoy making healthy meals from scratch and feel great! She describes her recipes as “flexitarian.” She aims to give you recipes that will please vegetarians (or people trying to consume less meat) and have the option to add meat for meat-eaters. Some recipes are also vegan or can easily be made vegan. You can always post or email to ask for modifications to a recipe. As far as cuisine goes, she was classically French-trained, but her absolute favourite cooking style is based on seasonality and fresh ingredients. She has also travelled and cooked in Thailand, Italy, Mexico, all around the United States and Canada.

No problem! ALL of the virtual cooking classes are taught on a teaching platform that you can follow along with them anytime. We will set a day and time and encourage you to follow along then to chat and share pictures of all of our creations. BUT if you can’t make that time, that is entirely okay. Each month you can add the cooking class to your online library of lessons and, as mentioned above, follow along anytime. You can also pause, rewind and ask questions as you go in the teaching platform.

No, many of our foodie community members don’t have or use Facebook. It’s just an added communication tool that we use. All of the information about virtual cooking classes, recipes and contests will be in your Thursday emails. You can also find all of our recipes on the site (they are visible to Foodie Community Members).