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  • We have fun, balanced workouts that run year-round!
  • Workouts are geared to all ages and fitness levels. You can do them at your own pace.
  • Workouts are always different and we do a combination of training techniques and methods, including strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, mobility, and intervals. Some workouts are intense and others are easier.
  • Meet online at workout time and complete the workout “together”. It really does help keep you on track!
  • Workout in the comfort of your own home (or outside!)
  • Go at your own pace!
  • Do the workouts when you can! You can watch recorded workouts anytime!
  • If you’re looking for an extra workout or two a week, you can always go back and do any of the previous ones! They are all saved and posted for you!
  • We have monthly fitness meet ups (covid permitting… sometimes they are virtual). They are nice just to see other fitness community members and do something fun.
    • Private group yoga class
    • Running sandhills or the hills at the park we adopted (Doidge park)
    • Going for walks or hikes or snowshoeing or snow pole walking
  • Monthly online fitness challenges with prizes to be won!
  • Participate in events together
  • Random participation prizes for doing workouts!
  • We have an incredibly nice group of people (and families)

Endurance, Agility & Mobility

Monday evening workouts are designed to get your heart rate up through endurance, agility, and mobility workouts. We do everything from fun runs through our beautiful city, hill runs at Doidge park (adopted by The Live Well Co.), agility ladders, kickboxing, cardio sets and so much more!

Workout time: 6:45pm

Strength, Power & Flexibility

Wednesday evening workouts are designed to help you feel strong and confident in your daily tasks! We will do everything from strength training and power movements to core training and yoga-style workouts for flexibility. We use our own body weight and one set of dumbbells for strength training.

Workout time: 6:45pm

Morning Stretch

Saturday mornings are designed to help you start the day off on the right foot with a nice and relaxing stretch session. These are short and sweet and will make you feel great.

Workout time: 9:30am

That’s okay! You can watch them any time you would like! Quite a few of our fitness community members do them the next morning.

Tune into our Private Facebook group to watch them live.

No problem! The base of our fitness community is the virtual workouts. The monthly social/active events, challenges, etc are all just added bonuses to help us all stay on track in the fitness community.

We started up May 1st, 2009 with indoor/outdoor workouts. Until Covid, we maintained workouts a few times a week with most of the members being with us since day 1! 🙂 Now, given the Covid times, we have switched over to virtual to keep everyone safe and broaden our “workout reach” to those outside of London!

Shauna went to school for a 2-year program in fitness and lifestyle management. She also completed a 1-year fitness apprenticeship and has acquired numerous coaching and fitness certifications, including NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) and achieved Platnum OFC (Ontario Fitness Council).

We encourage you to! Being part of the Fitness Community is much more than just virtual workouts, it’s friendships, accountability, being part of a great group of people, trying new things, motivating each other and our families to live a healthier lifestyle. On top of the balanced workouts that cover all fitness components for all ages… we truly are a team that has been going strong for over a decade!

Our virtual workouts can be done anywhere in the world but our events and activities are based in London Ontario. If you just want to follow along with the workouts, we encourage you to join the virtual workout group!

Nope! Join in anytime! We always welcome new fitness community members 🙂

You can join into workouts at any point in the year!